Coach and Lead High Performance

"In general, coaching is the process of helping individuals and teams to perform at the peak of their abilities."  – From Coach to Awakener by Robert Dilts

On Coaching, Mentoring, and Leading:

Achieving key results while building staff commitment and capacity is the mark of effective leadership.  Because coaching and mentoring offer one-to-one methods to do this, they have become vital leadership strategies.

Coaching helps individuals improve performance related to current job responsibilities, while mentoring develops confidence and capability to take on new challenges.  In organizations that confront rapid change, coaching and mentoring can also assist individuals to recognize and plan for evolving priorities. Supervisors and managers who coach or mentor strategically become front-line leaders for the organization and for their staff.

How to Coach and Mentor People at Work, Coaching Next Steps, and How to Write SMART Job Objectives and Assessments develop the abilities to define organizational goals and job requirements, coach and mentor individuals to reach their targets and career potential, and develop cultures that support high performance.

Coach & mentor others on the job to higher performance, capacity, and accomplishment …

How to Coach and Mentor People at Work:  A Workshop for Project and Product Managers or Team Leaders

Achieving key results while building staff commitment and capacity is the mark of great leadership. Because coaching, mentoring, and team leadership offer tools to achieve this, they are increasingly recognized as vital leadership strategies.

These strategies are even more important in organizations that confront rapid change, because you can use them to help your staff develop their capacity for flexible, creative responses to emerging opportunities.

This 2-day workshop enables you to gain trust, build commitment to your organization’s mission, clarify desired results, promote accountability, and partner with staff to measure and improve results.

Powerful models, interactive exercises, group exchange, and coaching will help equip you to:  Align job responsibilities with unit mission & goals; define SMART objectives for performance or professional development; coach planning; and conduct work reviews to foster accountability and productivity, and mentor the professional and career growth of others.

Skills, tools, and mindsets to guide, coach, and mentor staff in making effective job and career transitions.

Coaching Next Steps:   Transition Assistance Tools for HR Staff, Recruiters, and Career Counselors

Skillful transition coaching can dramatically increase people's "fit" to the job or career they pursue, the commitment they bring to work, and the value they create for their company and customers. Whether you counsel staff within your company, or provide external employment services, Coaching Next Steps can help you and your team deliver win-win benefits for both your organization and the individuals you assist.

This 2 and one half-day workshop enables you to effectively guide, coach, and mentor staff in your organization to effectively make the job and career transitions desired.

Workshop for Learning to Identify, Write, and Assess Results-Based Job Objectives to Focus Individual or Team Effort

How to Write SMART Job Objectives and Assessments:

Constructing SMART results and objectives statements requires clear definition of work targets, and practice with identifying measures that make sense. Using SMART objectives well requires familiarity with the performance management cycle, how to plan work based on desired results, and how to systematically collect and share feedback on progress. This workshop provides strategies, practice, and coaching to build the skills for writing and assessing achievement of results-based job objectives.

Communication and Change Management Workshops

Communicating for a Change:

Communication is a key to understanding and fulfilling the opportunity presented by change. This workshop presents a set of rapport, language, and results management tools for productive two-way communication.  Participants use these tools in the context of a change at work, in the home, or in the community to explore and define what results they want to achieve. Coaching one another, each participant produces a specific description of what is wanted and an actionable plan to achieve it. The workshop also examines characteristics of resilient people, and how outcome-focused thinking and communication promotes personal resilience.

This half day or full day workshop is customized to fit your needs. As with all our workshops, it is delivered at your site or a site of your choosing.

This workshop is also available for delivery aboard cruise ships as a special event.

Personal Balance, Professional Best:

Achieving personal balance is a key to delivering your professional best.  Knowing yourself, taking charge of your career, and developing rewarding workplace attitudes and relationships can foster both personal resilience and professional growth.  Attending this workshop enables you to identify specific professional growth targets for yourself that match your organization's needs, a supporting action plan, and a network of supportive friends, colleagues, and mentors to help you along the way.

This 1 day workshop is customized to fit your needs.