Consult with Leaders and Customers

“Consultants engage, advise, and partner with leaders, customers, or colleagues to identify and produce desired results."  Consulting Tools by Berry and Thomas

Keys to Effective Consulting:

Successful consulting follows a reliable step-by-step strategy. Each step, when executed well, produces results and agreements that trigger actions associated with the next step. The sum of these steps equals achievement of specific target results that your customer wants.

Learning the stages and steps of the Consulting Cycle gives you a way to connect your experience and services to current needs. Adapting consulting strategy to your personal style and project requirements enables you to demonstrate value and put your expertise to work. Consulting effectively can make you a catalyst for solutions that go beyond initial expectations.

We teach the consulting process and associated tools, and use it ourselves.

How to Consult Workshop

Consulting Tools Workshop:  How to Be a Solution for Your Customers

Consulting Tools offers field-tested strategies, action learning opportunities, and coaching to build know-how, confidence, and skill as a consultant. The workshop provides an overview of the consulting cycle, a break-down of tasks required at each stage, and practice with tools that fit the different tasks. A comprehensive workshop notebook and pocket reminder cards lock in the learning for at-home review.

The workshop includes two components: How to Develop Effective Consulting Relationships (Day1); and Partnering to Plan Solutions (Day 2). The workshop can be presented at your site or at an off-site location of your choice.

Learn to Plan and Lead Focus Groups

How to Facilitate Customer Focus Groups and Forums:

This two-day workshop introduces a practical "Do-it-Yourself" method to plan and lead an effective Focus Group. We partner with your organization to demonstrate this method to workshop participants.

Educational Consulting Services

Each workshop or facilitation project includes initial consulting with sponsors to assess current conditions, desired results, and success measures. Consultation enables us to align our educational services with results that matter to you. Workshops are tailored to your organizational or community context, and linked to upcoming projects. These projects provide opportunities for immediate practice and continued learning. An interactive format invites participants to link current skills and abilities with new perspectives and techniques. Learning is fast, fun, and results-oriented.

Consultants are also available to assist you with needs assessment and training design. The emphasis is on “do-it-yourself” methods such as community surveys and focus groups, which put the power of practical evaluation in the hands of people conducting programs. Assistance on establishing baselines, progress indicators, and data collection methods is available.