Rapport Report Offers Tools for Building Productive Business Relationships


What were Marco Polo’s words when he first met Kublai Khan?

Although there is no reliable historical record of this exchange, we must conclude that he developed rapport with the Khan, because he survived and prospered.

Today, rapport tools are still essential to prosperity in the business world.  The Rapport Report, now available to you for free download, is designed to help you survive and thrive in business encounters.

Rapport is Vital to Business Communication Skills

Effective communication is key to success in our business, and building rapport is key to effective communication.  We wrote the report to share lessons learned from consulting, team building, and meeting facilitation projects we have led around the world.  It’s available for free because we want to invite new or deeper relationships through building rapport with business leaders, supervisors, and service professionals.

The Rapport Report is an easy-to-read review of workplace rapport tools that can help entrepreneurs and small business leaders build productive relationships with customers and associates.  It contains:

  •      A business-friendly definition of rapport and why it is so vital to productive business communication and customer relationships.  
  •      How you can tell when you have rapport, and how you can tell when you need to develop or get it back.
  •      A set of easy-to-apply methods for building rapport that you can use immediately to improve communication skills and relationships.

Rapport in Coaching and Mentoring, Meeting Facilitation, and Relationship Marketing

The report also includes sections on how to apply rapport as you coach individuals (for supervisors coaches, and counselors), in group meetings (for facilitators and team leaders), and to develop online relationship.

Coaching and mentoring others is a leadership skill that requires listening on multiple channels.  We have used the tools described in the report to help supervisors use rapport to connect with, understand, and offer appropriate work-related guidance to those they lead, and in one-to-one coaching.

The report offers team leaders and facilitators seven methods to build rapport and collaboration in group meetings.  Methods such as previewing and reinforcing shared purpose foster the focus and climate needed for productive teamwork.  

The practical “how to” style of the report encourages immediate application and practice.  Follow-up email messages provide additional input and resources on how to build fruitful business relationships, both in person and in online environments.

To download this free report, visit http://www.aligned4results.com/rapport-report-request.html .

Susan and Randy

Text © 2011  Aligned for Results, LLC

Image:  Marco Polo in Tartar clothing.  Attribution: By Grevembrock (Scanné de Coureurs des mers, Poivre d'Arvor.)


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