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1. Resources from Aligned for Results

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2. Resources from Others

a.  Tools for graphic facilitation provided by The Grove Consultants International.

  • Drexler/Sibbet Team Performance Model.  A powerful and very practical tool for accelerating the facilitation of team achievement.  A compact description of this model is available online through the Grove's store.
  • David Sibbet's book “Best Practices for Facilitators  The Grove offers a wide range of facilitation books and tools that can help you put the Team Performance Model™ and other facilitation tools into practice: One of the best is David Sibbet's book, "Best Practices for Facilitators".(wonderfully illustrated and concisely explained, with clear step-by-step instructions).  This book is also available through the Groves' store.
  • Be sure to visit the Grove video library when you are on their site.  It's full of concise "how to" segments.

b.  Distinctions from the field of Neurolinguistic Programming that can serve as powerful aids to effective consulting and facilitation.

c.  Gaining customers and sales using contemporary online social media and other Internet tools

  • Dr. Jeannette Cates' OnLine Success Incubator:  Concise, step-by-step library of materials demonstrating how to launch a successful online business or improvie the return of the online component of your business.  The library exists inside a membership site.
  • Richard Goutal's Fitting the Pieces blog:  Very helpful resource for small businesses seeking to harness the power of contemporary collobaration in reaching and best serving customers.  We also recommend his ebook, Build Buzz for Your Blog, for those seeking specific nuts and bolts information on how to use collaborative online and social media tools to reach and connect with a much larger number of people interested in your services.




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